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Patientube brings people together who are confronted with the topic of illness. Doctors share expertise. Patients find important answers and also the right questions. Relatives learn how to deal with unusual life situations. Patientube stands for empowerment, a strong community and the destigmatization of diseases such as cancer, hepatitis and dementia. And that’s because there is always more than just one perspective.
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Our current focus


Alzheimer’s disease and dementia concern us all. The clinical pictures are omnipresent in our society: current studies assume that two out of three people are affected directly or indirectly as relatives. It is one of the greatest medical challenges. How come: Early detection is still practically impossible today. Patientube is actively committed to a paradigm shift in dealing with diseases and is committed to more humanistic treatment of those affected and their families. Authorities, research, associations, doctors, nurses, patients and relatives must work more closely together. This is the only way to make progress in therapy and coping with diseases.

Patientube documents the disease from all relevant and important perspectives in a comprehensive series of videos. We speak to experts, the medical profession and, of course, the sick and their relatives. Our focus: Together with patients and their relatives, we want to contribute to progress in early detection, improved diagnostics and optimization in treatment and care. The video interviews earnestly show that there are already numerous ways of making it easier to deal with diseases.

»Even if you are afraid of the diagnose, to enunciate it helps both the patients and their relatives.«

Quote by Prof. Stögmann

» It doesn’t matter at which stage of a disease a patient is – very capable and competent to very incapable and very sick as later stages, they are still human beings they still have their dignity and we have to respect this. «

Quote by Prof. Vayena


Patientube it is important to those affected in informing about new developments in research and technology. We cooperate with universities like the ETH Zurich and the FH Salzburg. Patientube always keeps an eye on the future.

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UNALONE – Our Community

Education, knowledge transfer and sharing personal insights into videos are an important part of our work – but only the first step. Our community Unalone is a safe space for affected people, experts and patient organizations. Here, everyone who wants to can continue to exchange ideas, in topic-specific chat rooms in larger groups, but also personally in direct conversation between two people. Data protection, privacy and data sovereignty have the highest priority.